“The Halving” 减半

10 billion tokens are currently being distributed via Liquidity Incentives which launched at 999% APY, with the goal of bootstrapping liquidity without the use of market makers or VCs.

After 5 billion in rewards, emissions will “halve” to 500% in order to reduce token inflation.

After the next 2.5 billion in rewards emissions will halve to 250% APY etc

Similar to Satoshi’s vision of Bitcoin, eventually all TRUCE will be distributed between the community, and the scarcity of TRUCE will bring an interesting dynamic to holders.

To participate in token emissions and liquidity incentives click here:


目前,100 亿代币正通过流动性奖励机制进行分配,该机制以 999% 的年利率启动,目的是在不使用做市商或风险投资的情况下引导流动性。

50 亿奖励之后,排放量将 "减半 "至 500%,以降低代币通胀。

在接下来的 25 亿奖励之后,排放量将减半至年化收益率250% 等。

与中本聪对比特币的愿景类似,所有 TRUCE 最终都将在社区之间分配,TRUCE 的稀缺性将为持有者带来有趣的动态。



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