Liquidity Pools 流动资金池

As noted in Previous section initial 20 B tokens from creator wallet were deposited into Uni V3 to fund initial community liquidity. Luckily liquidity had not been locked yet when it was discovered in the first day Uniswap v3 was incompatible with redistribution tax for sells.

LP was migrated to Uniswap V2 which was compatible with Redistribution tax for both buys and sells. It was then discovered in the first week Uni V2 was not yet available as a platform to lock liquidity (heavily demanded by community)

LP was migrated to SushiSwap V2 in March of 2024 and locked for 5 years. LP Locking was done through UniCrypt and can be verified here:

In total 40 billion TRUCE tokens were distributed to the community between Initial LPs on Uniswap V3, Uniswap V2, and Sushiswap V2. The 2nd 20 billion coming as a donation when founders decided to renounce their tokens and let the project continue community led, similar to bitcoin origin.


如上一节所述,创造者钱包中最初的 20 个 B 代币已存入 Uni V3,为社区最初的流动性提供资金。幸运的是,在第一天发现 Uniswap V3 与卖出的再分配税不兼容时,流动性尚未锁定。

LP 被迁移到了 Uniswap V2,该版本兼容买入和卖出的再分配税。然后在第一周发现 Uni V2 还不能作为锁定流动性的平台(社区强烈要求)。

LP 于 2024 年 3 月迁移至 SushiSwap V2,并锁定 5 年。LP 锁定通过 UniCrypt 完成,可在此处验证:

在 Uniswap V3、Uniswap V2 和 Sushiswap V2 的初始 LP 之间,总共向社区分发了 400 亿 TRUCE 代币。当创始人决定放弃他们的代币并让项目继续由社区主导时,第二笔 200 亿的代币将作为捐款发放,这与比特币起源类似。

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