Founders 创始人

The idea for TRUCE came from 5 anonymous founders.

Originally 20% of supply (20 billion TRUCE) was allocated for founders however these tokens were donated to the Liquidity Pool in March of 2024. This renouncement of tokens from founders allowed the project to continue as a community owned and decentralized project living natively arbitrum.

Original Founder wallet can be found here: 0x3860De96115d1C9Cd8a91D25a5aA3c029f9Fd415

Many community organizers on Telegram, Twitter, 3rd party devs, Influencers, and Tokenomics Design Advisors were given tokens to help grow thr TRUCE community. While not founders, the people working tirelessly on this project care deeply and many have parted ways with their own capital to support the project.

Harassment of any kind to these individuals will result in a prompt ban/block etc from telegram, twitter, etc







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